Welcome to the Codex Archonic!10.IV.2024

I'm Lera, my pronouns are she/her and I made this website to host my stuff :3 it is still pretty much under construction though.

Here's a list of my creations! It will of course be updated as time goes on:

  • A yet unnamed story of Caithe & Tayne which is hosted here on this website. This is an original story i'm writing; it's about two sisters from a utopian postgender society who found themselves amidst that society's sudden conflict with a dystopian regime from a parallel universe. Sporadically updated when I feel like it :D
  • Infinite Dimensions - a Minecraft mod i'm making which reimagines the Minecraft's April Fools snapshot of 2020 in the modern versions.
  • Web of Life - a worldbuilding project dating back to 2011 that saw many authors come, go and leave notes in the process - and that I am now piecing together into a coherent interconnected monolith of encyclopedic knowledge. It's about the history of a soft sci-fi universe that looks like ours, with descriptions of powerful civilizations that inhabited it throughout billions of years.
  • The Solar City - a short description of a utopian city that kinda stands on its own for now (though I'm planning to integrate it into the Web of Life).

You can see my socials up in the navbar :3 also, I'm @lerariemann on discord! There are no profile links on Discord, so in the navbar I added a link to my server instead. There I mostly do minecraft stuff, we're even running a server with my mod!

Note: the dates you can see on most pages of the website are referring to when the text hosted on the page was initially written, not when it was published here, and also do not account for further updates of the texts (I'm updating my texts a lot :D).